PRDNA is a full service public relations agency in Orange County, CA. The umbrella term public relations covers a lot of ground, such as trade show support, media relations, public speaking, website and blog management, and much more. We use the term to describe anything that affects your public image. Learn more about specific marketing and public relations services by clicking on the links under the services header.

Launched in 1984 as a full service agency, PR/DNA has grown in expertise as a public relations specialist. With a concentration on Strategic Program Development and Counsel, Media Analyst Relations, Materials Development and Event Orchestration, we are an accomplished agency that focuses on custom public relations for clients.

How We Partner

We don’t like failure so we are rather selective about the companies we work with. We aim for long-term relationships by seeking some of these important attributes:

  • Chemistry that works. We perform best when we integrate with the home team. That means connecting with the corporate marketing team, working intimately within the client’s organization, and collaborating with corporate decision makers on a day-to-day basis.
  • Expectations that are realistic. Does the client share the same goals/vision as the agency? Are they excited and share a sense of urgency? Do they see the process as fun?
  • Resources to fund the programs necessary to bring in the best possible results.
  • Potential for marketability within the product’s chosen industry. Can the products/services be differentiated from other entries seeking news/trend coverage?
  • Partnering with other strong industry players. Are there any quotable references?
  • Business strategy and clear objectives. Does executive management have a discernable plan to reach its goals?

If this sounds like you, we should talk!