PRDNA is a full service firm with the knowledge, expertise and team to meet all aspects of a client’s marketing and promotional needs to grow.

Marshall McLuhan said, “Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.” He was only half right. Advertising is also the greatest form of selling. Our staff creates targeted ads designed to attract your audience.

To keep your corporate image at its peak and grow market share in your products it is necessary to provide quality collateral materials. This includes everything from business cards and stationery to product brochures and corporate capability brochures. We design a complete, engaging corporate identity package that will raise eyebrows in the media.

Media Training
Firefighters don’t wait for a warehouse fire to practice putting out blazes. You shouldn’t, either. From choosing the right spokesperson to garnering positive media coverage and learning to make appropriate statements, PRDNA will help you learn the core concepts of dealing with media representatives before the media turns up the heat.

Marketing is complex but is essential to the successful branding and selling of your products and services. At PRDNA we develop custom strategies to fit your specific needs. We have the experience and the team to help you develop and implement an exceptional strategic marketing plan.

A talented photographer can make common products look like art. Proper perspective, lighting, color and background lend to a professional presentation; our photographers don’t skimp the details.

Looking for a new and innovative way to promote your product or service? Let PRDNA lead you to success. Whether you need an innovative new trade show booth, free handout items, direct mail leaders, or an industry newsletter, PRDNA has a unique concept perfect for your promotion.

Whether you are a hardened veteran or a first-time speaker, we can help you create and deliver exceptional presentations that will entertain and inform your audience. We can help you conquer your fear of public speaking, build your confidence and make you the presenter of choice for future engagements. We’ll teach you to grip the audience with interesting openers and clinching closers.

Never decline speaking engagements because you don’t know what to say. Put your best foot forward and reap the rewards of a successful presentation.

Web Development
Whatever you sell, you can sell more (and brand your company) with a presence on the web. PRDNA can help modify your existing site, revamping and refreshing each month, or let our creative web developers implement a brand new, totally hip replacement site. Then we host and maintain your site to ensure repeat traffic. Make your presence felt with an electronic corporate identity.